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Econia's mission is to transform the financial landscape by offering a transparent, decentralized, and globally-unified trading platform, free from middlemen and centralized establishments. We empower users worldwide through cutting-edge on-chain trading innovations, leveraging Aptos' Block-STM and subsecond finality for instantaneous settlements and hyper-parallelized price discovery. Econia is committed to fostering a shared economic environment that benefits all participants and transcends borders.

Come build the future with us.

Our values

Core values

Community first

Econia Labs is a community first company. Our products and our workplace put community first.

The Econia Labs team is just that — a team. This is a low-hierarchy, high-autonomy community of people passionate about building the future together. Need advice from someone with a different skillset? You’ve got it. Need to put your head down and work on a tough problem without being disturbed? We get it.


Why are we building the most performant permissionless order book? To enable equitable, global access to decentralized markets for anyone with an internet connection.

To do that, we need as many diverse perspectives as we can get. To build for people all around the world, we need to build with people from all around the world. To create something new, we need people who think in new ways. Reimagining how finance works won’t be easy. Join us if you’re up for the challenge.


Let’s not dance around it: DeFi has a reputation problem.

For too long, decentralized markets have been seen as unsafe for normal people and their hard-earned money. That’s unacceptable to us. If you care about making DeFi safer — and the rich technical challenges that go into achieving that goal — you belong at Econia Labs.

Security is why we’re building Econia on Aptos in the Move language. With protected resource types, key rotation, innovative validator management, and so much more, this is the safest place to build for blockchain today. Moreover, Econia has been independently audited multiple times, with more of its codebase dedicated to tests than actual source code.


Feedback is at the heart of what we do, whether it comes from our team, customers, investors, partners, or anywhere else. We trust every member of our team to make big decisions and we value every contribution.

The same goes for our community, which is why Econia has always been open source and always will be. Our order books and matching engine are fully on-chain and completely public, and our comprehensive docs explain how everything works.

The Econia protocol is designed to be customized by our integrators, so end-users have the widest possible choice of rich dApps to trade on.


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