Nov 28, 2023

Econia Goes Live on Aptos Mainnet

The On-Chain Order Book Designed for Atomic Execution

Econia Goes Live on Aptos Mainnet

The On-Chain Order Book Designed for Atomic Execution

  • Econia, now live on Aptos Mainnet, enabling fast, parallel transaction processing and global market access.
  • The protocol uniquely blends CEX efficiency and DEX features for an improved trading experience.
  • The atomic matching engine streamlines transaction execution by consolidating all steps into a single transaction.
  • Econia’s front end partners, Aries Markets, Kana Labs, Pontem Network, and SwapGPT, provide custom trading dashboards for retail traders. Explore the Econia front ends here!

Econia: The On-Chain Order Book

Econia, the high-performance on-chain order book designed for atomic execution and settlement, is now live on Aptos Mainnet, providing permissionless market access to global liquidity. By leveraging Aptos’ optimistic concurrency model, Econia is built to process transactions across multiple markets in parallel with sub-second finality, providing a seamless and highly-efficient trading experience at web scale.

What Makes Econia Unique?

Econia combines the benefits of CEXs (efficient price discovery and minimal slippage) with the strengths of DEXs (decentralization, permissionless access, and user custody of assets), fostering a trading experience that combines efficiency, fairness, and decentralization.

Econia’s atomic matching engine executes all of the steps required to settle a market order in a single transaction. This includes matching the order against another market participant’s limit order, updating positions on the book, and routing assets between counterparties. This single-step operation gives users a competitive edge against slower blockchain execution systems that fragment operations across multiple transactions.

Permissionless access is the backbone of Econia. Econia’s APIs and SDKs provide direct access to the Econia protocol, enabling virtually any user to access, create, and build on top of this innovative infrastructure, thereby accessing global liquidity from all corners of the world.

Currently, Econia has four frontend integrators that have built custom front ends to allow retail traders to interact with the protocol: Aries Markets, Kana Labs, Pontem Network, and SwapGPT. While these partners provide differentiated retail trading dashboards that allow users to interact with Econia, Econia Labs is also finalizing its open-source reference frontend, and soon enough anyone will be able to fork it and run a custom trading dashboard on their own.

Econia on Mainnet and Initial Trading

Econia’s launch on the Aptos Mainnet marks a significant step towards creating a more efficient, equitable, and permissionless DeFi ecosystem, addressing challenges commonly found in other DEXs. This follows the platform’s successful Testnet phase, which saw substantial engagement with over 7.6 billion in trading volume and 1000 active users.

Econia enables unrestricted market registration, allowing for a wide range of trading pairs. Notably, its front end partners and market makers are initially concentrating on the APT — lzUSDC pair, employing the Stargate bridge for the seamless integration of USDC into the Aptos ecosystem. This bridge, developed on the LayerZero interoperability protocol, streamlines cross-chain asset exchanges, providing users with the dual benefits of minimal fees and swift transaction speeds.

About Econia Labs

Econia Labs emerged from the 2021 Inaugural Aptos Hackathon and rapidly attracted $6.5 million in seed funding, spearheaded by Dragonfly and supported by Lightspeed Faction, Wintermute Ventures, Hudson River Trading, Flow Traders, Aptos Labs, among others. The team at Econia Labs, comprising professionals from renowned entities like Stanford, Goldman Sachs, NASA, Garmin, and The Block, is dedicated to creating the leading on-chain order book, aimed at shaping the future of DeFi.


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