Jul 12, 2023

Aptos Multisig v2 and Econia v4

A Signatory’s Guide to On-Chain Governance

Developing together, out in the open

For months, Aptos Labs and Econia Labs have been collaborating on open-source multisig tooling solutions that enable builders to both launch and govern Aptos-based protocols through secure, trustless, and fully on-chain solutions.

This development cycle kicked off with the rollout of Aptos’ multisig v2 design, namely the Aptos Framework multisig_account.move module and associated virtual machine updates from Pull Request #5894, which Econia Labs quickly took note of. Seeking a secure deployment method for the Econia protocol, Econia Labs authored a string of community contributions for the aptos command line interface (CLI) and Aptos Framework Move code library, generalizing functionality so that builders from across the Aptos ecosystem can benefit from standardized tooling solutions. These contributions included but were not limited to:

  1. CLI vanity address generation
  2. CLI gas profiling abstraction
  3. CLI vanity address generation support for multisig accounts
  4. CLI type argument parsing corrections
  5. CLI support for nested vector inputs
  6. Multisig v2 Move code documentation corrections
  7. CLI support for JSON input files, multisig v2 operations
  8. Multisig v2 Move code atomic signatory modifier functionality
  9. Multisig v2 Move code event emission algorithm corrections
  10. CLI v2.0.0 version bump

The functionality from these assorted contributions is captured in tutorial form across several sections of the Aptos Documentation website at, namely:

The Aptos CLI, recharged

With Econia Labs’ nested vector argument support for the aptos CLI pushing it to version 2.0.0, the premier command-line tool for the Aptos blockchain now offers developers everything they need to securely deploy and maintain protocols with canonical multisig governance solutions. Continue below for a walkthrough of this functionality, showcasing a testnet deployment of Econia v4 under a 2-of-3 on-chain multisig.


View full article with setup here:

Econia Labs

Econia is a hyper-parallelized order book protocol that runs on the Aptos blockchain. Engineered for web-scale performance and built to provide equal global access to markets, Econia leverages Aptos’ optimistic concurrency to scale up trading across trading pairs.